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Jungle Safari in Jawai

Alongside the panthers, there are other untamed life to consider to be well. We take you on a wilderness safari to recognize different creatures, for example, sloth bears, hyenas, deer, blue bull (generally known as the 'nilgai'), and numerous others too. Jawai Rotela Camp works Jawai Jungle safari for the visitors who will see wild creatures right at home. As Jawai is overflowed with many field lands for eating homegrown creatures in daylight and in dull the region is procured by wild creatures.

One more vital interesting point while on a Leopard safari outing to India is that, Jawai is the bumpy territory and being hilly belt going in private vehicle becomes unsafe, one ought to stay away from the private vehicles, the private vehicle can-not get on the slopes. Just four-wheel drive is agreeable, safe and advised for Leopard sightings in Jawai.

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