Crocodile Sightseeing

Crocodile Safari

Jawai is one of the most popular and greatest dams in the western Rajasthan state, worked across the Jawai River in Pali region. Get an opportunity to see live crocodiles right at home. Jawai-a spot arranged close to Gujarat boundary of Rajasthan invites you to add an intriguing and exciting experience to your rundown with Jawai Rotela Camp.

Crocodiles are found in enormous numbers in the Jawai dam consistently. According to the 2014 sense, there are in excess of 500 crocodiles in the Jawai dam. Around the bank of Jawai River and Jawai dam crocodiles relaxing in the daytime. The safari for crocodiles is worked between 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. As we have our own spot for crocodile sightings where one can without much of a stretch spot and take pictures. In spite of various types of birds, crocodiles are located lasting through the year. To observe the immortal excellence and charming Rajasthani custom, get your safari in Jawai Bandh booked at this point.

Seeing crocodiles in the wild will make you display here at Jawai where you would get to go for a crocodile locating in the save region. Additionally you can detect creatures in the nearness of Jawai. Moreover, the wonderful background of Aravalli reach will definitely astonish you by its beguiling excellence. Getting around in this action will offer you an opportunity to appreciate bird watching, and untamed life locating also.

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