Leopard Conservation

Jawai Leopard Conservation Reserve

Jawai leopard conservation reserve is the best place to see cave dwelling leopard in the wild. It’s located in Pali district of Rajasthan, in the plains adjoining Aravali Mountain Range. Major part of this conservation reserve is in the Jawai – Bera region. A dam on Jawai River plays a key role in this conservation reserve; it was built by Maharaja of Jodhpur as a famine relief work and resolves the problem of drinking water. Jawai dam is the biggest dam in the western Rajasthan and famous for the wildlife of this region.

This dam has natural walls made by millions year old granite hills, which are natural habitat of leopards and other wild animals. The dam with its granite hills prospers the wildlife by giving them natural protection and a respected distance from human interference. Not only famous for leopards it is a paradise for migratory birds and has a rich biodiversity.

A project of Indian Crocodile ( mugger ) is also famous in Jawai Dam.

The Jawai Bandh forest was notified a ‘leopard conservation reserve’ by the state government of Rajasthan in February 2010.

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