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Jawai offers several of the best trekking tours. Each is unique in its own way. Set in the Aravali Hills, the gorgeous landscape is perfect for trekking and rock climbing. It is good for all skill levels [hard, moderate, and easy.

You have to cover a distance of many kilometers which will take several hours. Start the walk from the camp and come back to the camp or pick up from a certain point, It is depending on itinerary and route. Experience various terrains like uphill, downhill and plain trekking path and pass through forest covered area, rocky boulders and caves. You also have chance to spot wild animals, native and migratory birds.

It is a great way to meet native people of this region too, as you can stop for a chat with the locals and visit any hamlet on the way. We have some special itinerary of trekking in the trails of Jawai – Bera region.

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