Wine and Dine

Wine and Dine

Night in Rotela Camp is always magical. Without the interference of city lights, a dazzling canopy of stars and constellation is visible and twinkle as a chandelier. Dinners at camp are mainly lit by the gentle glow of lamps.The lamp – lit ambience of dinner area with its large communal table, multiple smaller setting with view of the surrounding wild scrubs and granite boulders, harks back to the Royal glamping of the Nobles of by-gone Raj era.

Much of the organic vegetables and herbs are grown on the premises of the camp. The menu crafted around local recipes passed down through the generations. The prudently crafted menu offers rajasthani cuisine ( veg and Non veg).

Alfresco Breakfast

Adding to the morning chorus of the birds, surrounded by the wild sound and scent of the nature, in the wild scrubs enclosed area, alfresco breakfast at Rotela Camp lis a pleasing experience.

Camp Fire

It is a good setting for informal meal or for basking in the serenity of the wilderness and the star filled night sky. After sundown roaring center log fires make it a gathering point – a post dinner outdoor where guest recount and reflect on the day’s explorations.

Bush Dinner

Dinner at Rotela camp is more than just a meal – it is an indulgence and a real glamping experience. A private bush dinner with barbecue can also arranged at extra cost in a secluded spot in deciduous vegetation of the camp premises or in the wilderness of jawai, recline in front of roaring campfire in winter night or sitting under the canopy of stars or smooth moonlight in summer night, with a drink in one hand and the fragrance of live barbecue in the air; is a unforgettable experience. We believe that no safari holidays complete without enjoying a bespoke bush dining experience.

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